Erasmus Praha: informations,advices and my adventures!

Hi guys I’m a student of Chemical Engineering who is in Erasmus in this period. About six months ago I chose the Institute of Chemical Technology of Prague as a place for my study. I made ​​this choice for two reasons: 1. This university give me the possibility to attend English courses and I can do English exams( I think that it’s impossible to learn Czech language in a short period!). 2. According to the list of Erasmus courses I found a lot of similar exams to my university’s ones and many interesting courses as elective course.

Here there aren’t problems to search a flat or buy an internet cable because we can obtain easily a room in student accommodation with all comfortable things. I left alone, but here I found  good persons.  All persons, above all my Czech buddy and Portuguese girls, become your new family because when you have some problems we will help you! As for university life, the courses are interesting and listen and speak only in English is definitely a big advantage. It’s better way to learn a language! However, it shattered the myth that Erasmus exams are easier or the teachers present a good mark: is not true! To pass the exams you can study !… in or out of Erasmus.

So far I have spoken only of nice things, but the first day were not at all. Here, the supermarket or in the reception area, people do not speak and understand English so it was difficult trying to communicate. To buy a  ticket for public transport I have been tossed around like a ping-pong ball. And asking to use the washing machine I improvised  a show of “silent theater ″… but these small obstacles are overcome and now I remember them and I’m laughing.

Funniest thing was being locked inside the room because the key locked in the lock. I wrote “Help  me!″ on Erasmus group facebook and other students thought that it was a joke. I waited for someone to come to save myself.

I still have more time to be here and I ask me: will be other funny things?… But I am sure that everything helps us to grow. So, guys, if you are unsure if it’s worth the Erasmus experience I recommend: DO NOT HESITATE AND LET’S GO! When you will go back at our home you’ll remember all things. And then you do not get bored, there is a new experience: exploring a new place, meet new people and themselves.

I hope that English text is understandable! 🙂




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