By 2014 bye bye LLP Erasmus, welcome ERASMUS FOR ALL

This is the second last year of LLP Erasmus,Erasmus Placement and other educational project financed by EU, in fact less than 5 million Europeans, by 2014, will have the chance to study or train abroad with a grant “Erasmus for All”, the new EU program for education, training, youth and sport .

To propose the same European Commission under the Europe 2020 program and includes an investment of 19 billion euro in the field of cultural education of young people.
The serious economic crisis we are experiencing, in fact, has inevitably placed in the foreground the weaknesses of financial markets and the world of work, especially youth.

To avoid disaster and groped to remedy the problem, the European Union has now announced a new strategy to support and fund the creative and cultural sectors, which together provide an essential contribution to the economy and the labor market.

Among these “Erasmus for all” the new European mobility program which will be well for 19.5 million euro and that will allow 2.2 million higher education students to receive scholarships to spend part of their education and training to ‘abroad’.
This figure will allow:

• 135,000 students receive support to study in a country outside Europe and non-European students coming to study in the EU;
• 735,000 students in vocational training to carry out part of their education and training abroad (more than double the current);
• 1 million teachers, trainers and youth workers to receive funding to carry out teaching or training abroad (compared to 600 000 under current programs);
• 700,000 young people to participate in traineeships in companies abroad (100 million more than in the current program);
• 330,000 students in masters and doctoral programs to receive loan guarantees to help finance their studies abroad;
• 540,000 young people to participate in voluntary activities abroad and exchanges of young people (almost double the current);
• 34 000 students to receive scholarships for a “joint degree”, which includes periods of study in at least two higher education institutions abroad (compared to 17 600 beneficiaries under the current program)
, • 115 000 institutions / organizations in the field of education, training and / or youth activities or other bodies to secure funding for the creation of over 20 000 ‘strategic partnerships’ to implement joint initiatives and promote the exchange of experience and know-how
• 4000 educational institutions and businesses to create 400 ‘knowledge alliances’ and’ sector skills alliances. ”
The program will therefore have a very wide scope: the EU, in fact, aims to promote cultural mobility, from 2014, also in the field of vocational training and volunteering.
Participation in the program, therefore, will be extended to teachers, trainers and youth workers in order to improve the quality of teaching and education in all the countries involved in the project.

The Europe 2020 strategy, therefore, is to provide the investments needed to “accelerate the transition to a knowledge-based economy”, as announced by Androulla Vassiliou, European Commissioner for Education, Culture, Multilingualism and Youth. “The investment in education and training,” he reiterated, “is actually the best thing we can do for the future of Europe.
A study experience abroad enhances people’s skills, encourages personal development, adaptability and increase their employability. We want to ensure that a much larger number of people derive benefit from EU support for these opportunities. ”

Finally, he concluded by saying:
“It is also necessary to increase investment to improve the quality of education and training at all levels, so you can compete with the best in the world to offer a greater number of jobs and to ensure greater growth.”


For more information please visit: The website of Commissioner Vassiliou European Commission: website dedicated to education and training Education and Training.

What do you think?

Is it a better way to organize European exchange projects?

Is it a strategy to reduce the grants for European student? 




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