Erasmus: a right or a privilege? Is it really useful?

As soon as I started the University, I was fascinated by Erasmus student, They are like “heroes”, because the “Erasmus” in my immagination was wrapped by magic halo!

I said myself, one day, I will come….Fortunately, this was arrived more or less 2 mounths ago…my adventure finally was begun!

Last mounth, on many newspapers (italian and not) I red about the possible DELETING of Eramsus programme, and the possible stopping of the paying of the european scholarship for the economical crysis!

Immediately, I didn’t believe it, because this is one of the best “idea”that come from EU.

I don’t want to talk about the economics aspects, the organization of the programme because on newspapers or on many web site there are a lot of informations! I was so impressed by another aspect:

Some people (students that have recieved the possibility to join this project) have said: “Erasmus can’t be a right, you have to earn money to study abroad; it’s only a period of vacations”.

One of wonderful aspects of Eramsus is the creating many worderful link between people that come from very “different Country”!

Finding a student job in Spain,Italy,Romania is not easy like finding a student job in London or in the north of Europe, this is a sad true aspect! Saying that a Romenians or Italians don’t want to find a job really, is a BIG lie. Another problem is the different cost of life, so sometimes if we have worked for our Erasmus, it can’t be enough!

If EU have the money to keep an Europen Parliament with a lot of politians (that earn a lot of money), to keep a lot of office and bla bla…

Why Don’t They have the money for european students? Because the balance is negative, this crisys is so heavy for everyone…

What’s Erasmus?

Erasmus is an opportunity to undestand that the Europe can be unite, not only because our politians sometimes go to Brussels, but because if we “stay” together, we can “be” better.

Sometimes Erasmus is considered like an oppurtunity for Italians,Spanish, Portuguise,Turkish,Romenian student to go to study to a “better” country. This is a big mistake.

The “better” countries are the west-north Counrty. Are They better? No, They are more efficient, more organized!

Our life is only organization? If you answer yes, ok , these are better place.

For me a “better” country is a nation where Turkish cook its Kebab, Spanish organize the “Movida” from midnight to the morning, Belgians and Irish make its Beer, Germans manage the organization of the cities, Italians cook Pizza where even if It’s late the owner of Pizzeria says to you, don’t be worry stay there, my customers here has to fell theirselves like if They are at their home!

Erasmus from 25 years tries to create this “Better place”!

On the other hand Crysis tries to transform ourselves in a “cynic” people, the only objective of our life isn’t to add money to our pocket, so giving higher value to money isn’t a way to exit from this period!

We can exit from this period together, like European, so Erasmus has to be a pillar of future better Europe, if we want a different Europe.

I think this isn’t a “good” Europe, where BCE decide for everyone, so I say that the Eramsus is a right for every European student!

Why do we have this right?

Because we start to build the future of Europe! That’s impossible stay together if we don’t know the habits, the culture of our neighbors!

With the Erasmus project, Europe Union pays to “make” the “bricks” of future Europe!


Is Europe only an illusion?

Is “Erasmus” useful, or my vision is only “philosophical”?



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