To travel or to buy something, is this the question?

I talk very often about this argument with other people because, They tells to me “wow, you are lucky, you have traveled a lot”, I use this question to answer them: why don’t you start to travel? If you want, I can help you for the booking of flight, hostel or whatever!

They answer me, ohh I don’t know,I don’t have enought money!

When They answer with this sentence (this is a very common answer) I think… Mmm I’m not rich, I don’t work (I’m a student) so I’m a wizard!

I don’t have a wand, so this isn’t correct.

I think finding money to travel is both a my choise but It’s also a better way to spend my money.

Better? Why better?

I use a simple example to explain it: I have 500€ so I can buy one of the best Smartphon that I can find on the market.

What Do I do after buying this fantastic smartphon?

I go out with my friends and I say to everybody that I’m very happy because I have bought it, it has a lot of options: I can surf on internet, I can use Skype, I can stay on Facebook for many hours because the battery is so good, its camera has a lot of Megapixel and so on!

They look it, They say to me: wow it’s fantastic, How I envy you! So I’m very proud of my smartphon.

After this moment, I say to my friend, be carefull!!! It’s new and I have worked a lot to earn 500€! Infact tomorrow I will go to the shop to buy a case for it, It’s too dangerous use it without case!
It’s so useful because I will use it to take a photo everywhere, so when I will go to a concert I won’t bring with me a camera!

Thinking before to go to the concert… the smartphone is so new, delicate… Maybe It’s better using my old camera…

So I have worked a lot, to buy something, and this thing isn’t used by me, so I have worked to have something, I have worked to conserve it!

It’s a non-sense.

The second possibility is to spend 500€ to travel. I decide to go to Paris for one week for example.

After this week I haven’t 500€ like the first situation, but in the first case I have a very new smartphone, in the second case I have some photos.

Which is the better choise?

In my opinion, the second choise is better, because I can remember my trip in every moment of my life…

When I will be sad, when I will have to work hard, I stop everything and for a minute I remember when I was walking near the Eiffel tower, or when I have taken the stupid photo near the Louvre Museum…

I think forgetting the first time that you have seen Paris from Sacred Heart‘s hill is impossible, so I have spent my money for something that will be in me forever… also when my hairs will be white 🙂

So with 500€:

  • you can buy something that you can touch and other people can see for 2 or 3 years


  • you can have something that nobody can see or touch, but you can feel it in yourself forever.

It’s only a choise, your choise.

Have a nice choise 🙂



One thought on “To travel or to buy something, is this the question?

  1. Actually I completely agree with your ideas. Nowadays our society leads us to material status symbols. In Italy this perception is even more common. It seems that the more you have the richer you are. But are you satisfied? Do we live to own or do we life to experience, to see, to explore??
    There are so many opportunities to travel spending less (Carsharing, Hitch-hiking, Couchsurfing,..). Material things won’t make better persons. What I mean is that travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer!
    It’s our CHOICE 🙂


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