…1573 km far… first impressions after 2 months…

My Erasmus started 2 months + 3 days ago… in this period I have met many people from every parts of the world, I have seen how beers change Belgians :), I have understood why foreign people love italian food…

After 2 months I can start to give my first marks to Leuven:

Organization: 8

In every office that I have gone to ask some informations, the employees are very polite and useful, They help me a lot. In particular register office is very efficent, when you arrive They give you a lot of stuff and brochure where you can find every type of informations! Everyone is very very polite with “Exchange student”.

From the 16th of August many offices are opened to help new exchange student for searching a room, for its contract and so on!
I have found only one “non-positive” aspect, it was about the request of a rom in the student residence, to receive a room in a university residence you have to send a request before the beginning of May, but I couldn’t send my request before the dead-line, (there are so many students that had my same problem, because It’s so early) so I have to search my room in the summer, before the beginning of the academic year,(even if on KUL web-site there was a big database about renting rooms).

For the lunch, there are 3 “alma”, food is not bad… but they are so exepensive… (one meal + bottle of water 4.30€), so I prefer eating at home!

Every Erasmus student has a free bus-ticket for one year ( bus service is very very good ) and you can go everywhere by train in Belgium with GoPass (10€ return ticket).
You can rent your bike to Velo, it’s a good option even if bike are so old ( like every student’s bike 🙂 ). I think bike is fundamental in Leuven for every student 🙂

Every student has 20Gb to surf on Internet at home, while in library, in University and other place.. like Stuk cafè or Pangea you have free and unlimited wifi!

Student life: 9

A normal conversation before to start my Erasmus:

I: I will start my Erasmus next year…

People: wow, where will you go? Spain?

I: no, Belgium… I will go to Leuven for one year, it’s very close to Bruxelles.

People: mmm ok, but isn’t Belgium boring?

Now I can answer to these people….

Leuven is a fantastic choise for many reasons:

There are 10.000 international students from every part of the world, there are many non european student from Latin America,Australia,Asia… so it’s very easy meeting people from different culture…

There are so many international student organization, 3 or 4, ( and they are so organized because we are in Belgium 🙂 ) so every weeks there are a lot of different party, many trips, so it’s very very easy meeting people…

There are a lot of pubs,bar where you can find every type of belgian beers… in this bar Belgians are very opened and polite, it’s also normal that They pay beers for you!

Every faculty has its “FAK BAR”, this is a bar “run by students for students” so beers are very very cheap ( 25 cl Stella 1€). Every party is free entry, and beers cost from 1€ (Stella) to 2-3€ (others type), so night life isn’t exepensive ( it depends also how many beers you can drink 🙂 🙂 )

There are also 2 “meeting point”: one is called Pangea, where you can drink tea or coffee ( they are free ), or playing table tennis or talking with your friends! The other is Stuk cafè where you can drink a beer and stay there with your friends all the night, you can also surfing on Internet with unlimited wifi!

There are a lot of student association, beer is cheap, there are a lot of people from every part of world,there are a lot of bar,pubs…

What do you think about it? Is it boring Leuven?

Ps from Bruxelles you can go by bus to Amsterdam or Paris(10 pounds for return ticket), to London (20 pounds for return ticket), to Koln,to Lille,to Rotterdam and so on….

Is it still boring? 🙂

Ps I’m learning English, so if I have made a mistake, please advice me 🙂 Thank you 🙂



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