… An hidden pearl on Tyrrenic sea: Arco Magno’s beach.

As soon as you arrive to this fantastic beach, immediately you understand why it’s called Arco Magno… there is a natural arch, done by the waves during the century, where sea arrives and touchs slowly the sand. You will enchanted by wild atmosphere and by the sounds of the sea…

The best choise is coming there for the sunset, you will see the sun going into the sea through the stone arch…

I think It’s impossible to describe this place very well with words, maybe only the pictures can describe this place, (even if you can’t hear the sound of sea )…

You can arrive there through a path, this path is carved in the rocks and it climbs on the cliff. As soon as you arrive on the top of the cliff you can see a fantastic seascape and you can join the fantastic view of the Dino’s Island.

As soon as you walk down, you start to see the “Arco Magno’s” beach, in this moment you are walking on the arch! 🙂

When the path finishes, you can go to the beach or you can continue to walk to the another direction where you find many rocks, and a secret tunnel…

If you go throught you will find a very little beach, where there are some rocks and another stone arch… I think this hidden beach is the true pearl of this area!

I have gone to this marvellous place in April, (so there weren’t any tourists) it was a windy day, the waves were high… I have been impressed by this beach because it’s so wild, I was so small respect the strenght of nature…

I have seen these landscapes in New Zeland or in Ireland… Calabria is incredible… it’s full of surprise 🙂


Arco Magno’s beach is in the north of Calabria, in the south of Italy. If you don’t know very well the south of Italy, I’m writing about a seaside between Reggio Calabria and Naples.

You can arrive there by train, or by bus to hte closest town ( San Nicola Arcella ), but this beach isn’t close to the town center, so the best solution is arriving by car. If you are in Calabria for your holiday, I think you have to spend at least 1 day in this marvellous place. The best period, in my opinion, is coming there in May or September to avoid turists, because with a lot of tourists this place is less fashinating.

Calabria is full of secrets, it’s up to you discovering and enjoying them!



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