…1573 km far… What’s an “Erasmus” dinner?

Before the starting of my Erasmus period in Leuven, I have obviously thought about “Erasmus” life… I remember when I have talked about student life in Erasmus with other “Erasmus students”, They have descibed me big parties with a lot of sociable people, fantastic international dinner, trips around Europe and a lot of strange anecdotes 🙂

Now I’d like to describe a “normal” Erasmus dinner!

Yesterday I invited some friends for an Italian/Calabrian dinner, not to my home, but to my friend’s residence.
The dinner (should) started at 8:00 more or less!
At 8:00 I left my home, with a lot of stuff to make a dinner, and at 8:10 I received a message: Valentino, where are you? Many people were arrived!
I answered, O my god It’s 8:10! I have said 8:00 more or less ( the right italian translation is 8:30-9:00 )… anyway I arrived to the residence and I started to cook… I cooked for appetizer small “Tigelle” with tomato soup, courgette in oil (from Calabria), sausages and chilli…

They looked me like a wizard, but I put together only milk,oil and flour, It’s easy also for me that I started to cook only 3 mounth ago!

Irish girls told me, When will you start to cook pasta? I answered… it’s 9:30, Wasn’t the appetizer big enough? Are you starving? They answered me that generally They have dinner at 6:00 or 7:00… Then I asked them if at midnight They will be hungry due to the “early” dinner… They answered how I can have a lunch at 1:30 and the dinner at 8:00 or 9:00, without being starving… This is a good question 🙂

Everything depends on point of view, generally in Italy we imagine “north people” like sad people because they have a dinner very early to go to bed early… we are so stupid, because after dinner pubs and bar become full and beer kegs become empty 🙂 It’s only a different habit!

While I was cooking, other 2 girls was added to our dinner, because in Erasmus “one more is better”, both we are talking about beers or person in a dinner and so on 🙂

I cooked a simple pasta ( spaghetti ) with tomato sauce, but everyone was so surprised by the taste of the pasta ( maybe the adjective “italian” change the taste of pasta, I don’t know 🙂 )

During the dinner, an Irish girl asked me, if we cook pasta with piece of vegetables or meat… I became indignat for this question 🙂 But I answered her that many “Italian” resturants in foreign Coutry aren’t true italian, like also many “italian” restaurant in Venice or Florence!

Another funny aspect of italian dinner was that Belgians don’t hold chilli or spicy food, but They hold a lot of beers, so It’s normal joking them during the dinner ( but generally Belgians joke Italians in the bar, after dinner 🙂 )

Dinner was ended with a fantastic private concert by Sirian musician, so the Erasmus melting-pot was fully achieved 🙂



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