Discover and support: “ERASMUS 24_7”, the first documentary about Erasmus program

A few month ago the 25th edition of the Erasmus program was started, and thousands of European students ( I’m in these thounsand of guys ) started to travel to their destination!For the first time German guys had a dinner at 10 Pm in Spain, or Italian guys went to University by bike in Belgium…

Everyone has started to understand that the “differences habits” arent’t a problem, but they are only a different “way” to see the life :), and seeing the life from a different point of view could help us to understand this “crazy” world!

In this 25 years nobody have dedicated a movie, a short film,a documentary  ( with exception of the famous film L’auberge espagnole).

Niccolò e Stefano ( 2 italian guys ) have thought to shoot a documentary about this topic, They would like to show a “normal” Erasmus student day (24 hours) of 7 students from 7 different countries who lives in 7 different cities:


This is the “official trail” of this documentary:

Since they have decided to produce this documentary by theirselves, They have started a crowdfunding campaign, their objective is 5000€ for all the cost of production!

We can help these 2 guys:

Niccolò and Stefano illustrate us “Erasmus 24_7” with a funny interview!



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