Niccolò and Stefano illustrate us “Erasmus 24_7” with a funny interview!

Niccolò and Stefano, 2 italian guys with an ambitious idea:

Shooting the first documentary on Eramsus program.

They would like to represent a “normal” day of an Erasmus student, since the “normality” during the Erasmus period doesn’t exist, They will try to melt 7 “normal” day of 7 different student from 7 different country! This program has involved from 1987 to 2012 2.5 million of european students from 31 countries.

Will they be successful? There will be 2.5 million critics 🙂

It’s a big responsability shooting this documentary 🙂 anyway Niccolò and Stefano were very glad to answer to some questions for WorldMeltingPot 🙂

1)Why do you think this topic is so important to dedicate it a documentary?

We just think that is a cool topic and we know that involves a lot of young people and that usually cool stuff for young people can make you rich and famous.It is even that kind of experience that really changes people. We think it changed Europe and that, considering the fact that no movies (except for “L’auberge Espagnole”) or other kind of videos, deal with this topic, it can’t absolutely be ignored. BTW Forgive us, we always joke. But we hope that our sarcasm won’t be misunderstood.

2) When did you have for the first time this idea? What was the source of inspiration?

First of all we’ve been living abroad for the last year more or less and we are very interested in every kind of experience that can help us to understand our country and the conditions of the people of our age that live abroad like us, but for sure the main source of inspiration was the direct program experience made by Stefano.

3) Why have you decided to “find” by yourselves the necessary money? Was there someone that wanted to fund your documentary?

We wanted to experiment this new kind of funding because we think that is interesting and that is one of the most creative form of connectivity developed on the web in the last years. We’re obviously still looking for producers and similar so if anybody out there has a couple of thousand euro to spend on our project, our door is always open.

4) Why have you chosen these 7 cities for your documentary?

Well, Erasmus is an European project. We know that some cities (e.g. Paris) or some nations (e.g. Spain) are very famous destinations for Erasmus students and we couldn’t avoid to talk about these situations. At the same there are important European countries that are getting more and more importance (e.g. Turkey) and we think that is very important to talk about this.

5)What do “people” think about “Erasmus” in your opinion? Is it true that the Eramsus program is considered like a financed holiday for European students?

Yes it is in our opinion… But do you think that have a great party every night is something you can call holiday? It is a very hard work. Seriously, at least, party life during Erasmus program is something we want to talk about. We don’t think there’s nothing bad in it. It’s perfectly natural to party around if you’re more or less 20, isn’t it? The problem comes when you are over 70 and you are a prime minister. Maybe if you would send six months abroad during your twenties you’d not need that much hunger of fun now.

6)Do you think that your documentary will be useful to advertise this fantastic program?

We hope so. We know that even if some rumors talk about money movements to fund the next Erasmus period 2014 2020. But for the moment we are sure that no money have been allocated officially.

7)I have decided to put at the end of the interview the most obvious question: did you have an Eramsus experience?

Just one of us (Stefano). The other (Nicco) has been thinking of for a while, until the day he realized it was going to get the degree the week later!

If yes, Where did you go? Kassel, Germany.

Describe it with 3 words! As obvious… Party, party, party!

If you want to know more about their project:

Discover and support: “ERASMUS 24_7”, the first documentary about Erasmus program



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