…The Australian Sky…

Somewhere near William’s Creek, SA, 24th december 2011

It is called Outback and there is nothing out there. By saying “nothing” I include only a very dark and starry sky. I will sleep here, trying to count part of the stars and associated them with positives memories, landscapes and emotions of these months in Australia.

Storie di Ritratti - Wave on rocksCountless waves hit the rocks and the beach of the Gold Coast since I did my first step in the water of Pacific Ocean. On that afternoon towards the end of July I sat down in the water, thinking about the distances between me and the first hurdles in front of me, Chile, and how many kilometers I was away from the place I call home. For the first time I was outside Europe and I loved that kind of feeling. There so many moments I won’t forget, the purple sunrises and the orange ones, the feet wet and sandy, the delightful wind through the hair. Every single step was for me a magic moment.
I had the same emotions when I was snorkeling for the first time, along the coral barrier, putting the head underneath the water surface and forget every kind of noise, overwhelmed by all those colored and funny fishes, before rolling in the white sand, too happy to worry about my camera (broken because of the sand).
I discovered every day a little bit of a new culture just by hearing people’s stories. The interest about traveling and discover through the act of meeting new people began to rise. I read that the ones who travel without meeting the other is not traveling, just moving to another place, losing all those precious aspects of new cultures. I realized how true was this sentence at Melbourne market, while hanging around multi-ethnical foods and traditions.
Now that we are here in the middle of nowhere, after having lost a wheel along the only street that cross Australia from south to north, I realize how far I am. No lights, no noises. Just stars. It’s getting darker and darker and I turn around to look at the sky and think about nice memories. I feel free like my first night camping with French friends, met by chance during a road-trip. That time I even had the chance to see wild kangaroos hopping around my tent. I woke up so good, wild and free. These huge open spaces help to move away any kind of worries.

I believe that the real sense of the travel is to escape.

Dedicate some time to our owns and look for some peace far away from everyday chaos. Having some time to relax and to think, without being disturbed by someone who tries to move you away from shelter. To find ourselves and meet the others. To find an answer to questions you thought impossible to solve.
A travel is something that helps to grow up and teaches how to behave. That’s why a travel like this is suitable for young people. A travel like this definitely change you and will leave you with positive memories. Memories that will make you happier, maybe because you managed to gain your own freedom.

Tomorrow is Christmas and our schedules says Uluru-Kata-Tjuta NP, the huge red rock, aboriginal inspirational monument.
I’m kind of losing track of those shining points, astonished by their lights.
They have been source of happy memories, waves of imagination and they are as many as my dreams.
That’s why I will never finish to count these stars.


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