Valeria’s feelings before to start her Erasmus in Lisbon!

Valeria is an italian student and she will start her “Erasmus” period on February, she was very nice to answer to some questions for WorldMeltingPot 🙂

1) Why did you decide to live this experience? Was there someone or something that influenced you in your decision?

1) I decided to do an erasmus because of many reasons : first, I love experiencing different cultures by living in a foreign city, second I think it’s a great opportunity to grow as a student, as a person and as a world citizen, third I would really like to learn a third language besides italian and english, and, last, I think an erasmus experience may add much value to my cultural baggage and CV.

2)When did you think for the first time to live this experience?
2) First time I heard about the erasmus project I immediately decided I wanted to do it.

3)Will you go to Lisbon with another collegue or “alone”?

3) Alone.

4) Why did you choose Lisbon like your Erasmus destination? Which were the other destinations that you have considered?

4) I chose Lisbon because I recently got interested in portuguese culture, music and literature, and also because I’d like to learn portuguese. The other destinations on my application form were two swedish cities , Linkoping and Goteborg.

5) You will go to Lisbon on February/March, How do you feel now?

5) I’ll go to Lisbon in February. I feel excited but still not very aware of what this experience is going to mean to me.

6)What do you expect from this experience?

6) I expect it to be educational both on a human and academic level.

Good luck Valeria for your Erasmus period and ENJOY it 🙂



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