… Erasmus “stereotype”… :)

The Erasmus project was born to delete the European stereotypes, because before to be italian or french or turkish we are guys, so there aren’t enough difference that don’t permit to create a wonderful friendship but during the erasmus parties I “detected” these funny “stereotype” of Erasmus students, and if you want to suggest me others, write a comment and I add it 🙂

  • All the students live in a different time zone respect the SPANISH student time zone: They will arrive to the party at least one or two hours earlier than spanish students, or Spanish will arrive one or two hours later than all the other students!

Parties should have double schedule for Spanish and for all the other students 🙂

  • All the european students link Italy to the song “Italiano vero” -_- this song is beautiful but it was famous in Italy in ’70! Now Italy isnt’t Cinquecento, mustaches and coffee!
  • You will be drunk earlier than POLISH GIRL, They can drink more than you, even if you are a “strong” boy! They aren’t normal girl, they are Polish girl!
  • If a girl starts to talk with an italian boy, as soon as possible he starts to talk about his capacities like a “perfect” cooker! Is it true? Are they lying? Maybe 🙂
  • When BELGIANS start to drink a beer they become warmer,friendly and sociable, Belgian guy is the best friend to go out to drink one beer ( or more :)) together.
  • IRISH guys are so strange… They seems british but their accent is so different; They drinks like belgians but they are “noisy” like italians 🙂
  • If you go out with one polish guy and one russian guy, you haven’t to do this question: WHERE DOES VODKA “COME FROM”? Russia or Poland? Their discussion about it could go on for hours… 🙂
  • If you want to organize an international dinner, remember that Germans arrive before the schedule’s appointment 🙂

This is a funny video made by an italian guy about “Erasmus stereotype”:



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