Walk with me around Florence!

My name is Rosaura, and I’m a Spanish girl living in Florence, Italy. I’m doing an European Voluntary Service (EVS) and now I’m starting to do guided walks around the city, to let the Spanish speaking travellers as me know Florence in an authentic way, avoiding tourist-traps and feeling the real atmosphere of this beautiful and unique city.

All began last year with my Leonardo Da Vinci internship in Florence. I fall so deeply in love with the city, the Italian language and their way of life that I feel I need to return. So, this year, I’m back! I found the great opportunity of doing the EVS in Palazzo Vecchio, one of the greatest Florentine monuments: medieval castle during the Republican government, the palace of the Medici family in XVI century and, now, also the city hall. I work for the Association Museo dei Ragazzi di Palazzo Vecchio, doing guided tours inside the palace and artistic workshops with kids and families. I’ve learnt a lot and still doing it! I’m so happy about being here, doing what I love, living in my favourite city, that I really want to share my experience and my knowledge about Florence with other travellers. That’s why I started “Paseos por Florencia”, a Facebook page to spread the word about my guided walks. But I really want to do it in the correct way, so the walks are always in small groups, showing not just the main tourist attractions but focusing also in the little “piazze”, in the less-known monuments, and doing it in a slow and easy way, doing four basic walks, one for each “quartiere” (neighborhood) to discover. Also, the price is more than fair! It’s practically a donation, also with discounts for students, groups, etc.

If you speak Spanish (or Italian!), you want to discover the most important monuments of Florence but also secret places, less-walked streets, stories and legends, in a friendly and informal environment, you must check the site!


To learn more:

* Paseos por Florencia: http://www.facebook.com/paseosporflorencia

* Leonardo Da Vinci programme: http://ec.europa.eu/education/lifelong-learning-programme/ldv_en.htm

* European Voluntary Service: http://ec.europa.eu/youth/youth-in-action-programme/european-voluntary-service_en.htm

* Museo dei Ragazzi di Palazzo Vecchio: http://www.palazzovecchio-museoragazzi.it/


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