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I’m Valentino, I’m a student that loves traveling, living new experiences and new adventures!

During my travel I understand that geographic-cultural borders are only conventions, so to deleate this borders we have to know the “other cultures”!

I’m very fascinated from traveling like backpacker, from holidaies in “unconventional” place and from “melting-pot”!

To go throught melting pot, I have decided to study in Belgium (Leuven) for 1 year with Erasmus project!

My name is Massifish as Massimiliano del Vacchio. Napolitan, born in 1973, traveler, resident in Paris for years and always been in love with travels. 

I graduated in Foreign Languages and Literatures at the all’Istituto Universitario Orientale in Naples and it’s nearly 20 years I’ve been travelling  and living abroad, trying to put together the simple pleasure of the journey with the pleasure of living and working in other foreign Countries. A nomad life, discovering and wandering around the world, but always with my Traveler’s dignity that accompanies me for years now.

 Thanks to my studies and the Erasmus project, I went to live to Paris when I was 23. This experience has changed dramatically my vision of life and of the world. Paris gave me a chance to breathe a different atmosphere from those to which I was used to, freedom, multiculturalism, diversity, to conceive the “travel” and “leaving” as a natural and simple act, helping me to leave behind me the limits of a culture that often prevents fly alone.

 Initially it was spontaneous, but then much more awareness, I realized that there was another life beyond Naples and Italy, there was a world, big and rich, that I wanted to discover and love. Since then I haven’t been able to stop myself anymore and all the years spent abroad, between France, Argentina, Russia, Ireland and many other Countries I’ve known traveling, were a constant discovery of places, ideas, smiles, moods, smells that accompany me throughout all my life and that represent a force and a significant support for the choices that I make today, as 20 years ago.

 The 27th August 2009 I left for a new long journey, in order to discover new worlds and new cultures, covering many miles, going through a lot of borders, but also discovering new eyes and smiles, able to move me and give me a reason to continue to choose a different life. This to me is the sense of travel that I chose to talk about on my personal blog –www.massifish2.wordpress.com – which allows me to communicate directly the impressions of the human path which I am living, since ever.

 Mine, after all, is a one-way trip for a lifetime!

The ufficial language is english, but you can find also article write in 2 languages or only in Italian or others languages! The ideal is write the article in 2 language (native language and English).

If anyone would like to collaborate, We’re very happy to share “our” blog with many people:)


I’m an insatiable traveller. Unfortunately I am not one of those persons who’s job is to travel and tell the others. That would be a dream job. However I do try to do my bits. Originally from Romania, I grew up in Spain. I lived in Spain almost half of my life. I’ve always been interested in getting to meet new places and new people, interesting stories and different cultures and perceptions. I started blogging when I was quite young, about my country Romania, out of the need to tell the world that their image of romanian people and the country was wrong. I am still doing it, and I try to promote it in any way I find suitable. Couple of years ago I went on Erasmus to Sweden, which was a true revelation for me that I should move to other places, and travel became more than a hobby, it became a need for freedom. Nowadays I live in Belgium, which I like, but I feel that this is not my final destination.

From my experiences I’ve learned that the world is quite small, and you end up having so many things in common with others.

Overall, i’m a funny person, friendly and sociable. I’m easily approachable so feel free to write me and ask me anything that you might think I have the answer for.


There’s no doubt about the fact that travel changes somewhat a person. Luca came back from Australia full of energy to discover new places and now, one year later is counting down the days to travel again. Next destination is South Africa but many others are written on the bucket list for 2013. He started blogging about dreams and travel stories @Storie di ritratti, with the aim to rise passion for travel among people in his region.


Rosaura Ruiz was born in Valencia, Spain, twenty five years ago. Her first experience travelling abroad was at 17th years old, when she joined a group of youngsters going to Ireland to learn English for one month. That experience left a mark on her and since then she began to travel more and more, always in an independent way, backpacking, WWOOFing, couchsurfing. She studied History but till now she doesnt’ know which is her ideal job, so she still looking for it and, in the meanwhile, experiencing all the European programmes to learn and work abroad that she can! By now she has done Leonardo Da Vinci and European Voluntary Service. What will be the next?

What? Why?

WorldMeltingPot is a “meeting point” for people that come from “different” culture who want to share a painting of your culture and want to “know” a view from other culture!

The categories of WordMelrtingPot are:

  • Travel on the road–> you can find tales of travels, with advices and suggestions
  • Backpacking–> you can find tales and interwiev about people that have chose to LIVE like backpacking
  • Erasmus–> you can find ERASMUS tales, written by students that have studied in a foreign country!
  • Hidden pearl–> you can find a rewiev about marvellous places those aren’t famous.
  • Travel-guide–> you can find a collection of useful (sleeping, how arriving…) advices and suggestions about the cities that you have visited.
  • Cooking–> to know another culture is fundamental “experiment” other recipes, so you can find many tipical recipies!
  • MeltingPot–> Traditions and habits are fundamental to know and “understand” the different culture, so in this section we write about them!


From everywhere !!!


2 thoughts on “What,Why,Who,Where WorldMeltingPot ? ? ?

  1. Bellissima idea! sono un’ex erasmus e credo che la divulgazione dei racconti di queste esperienze sia fondamentale per condividere (anche con chi ne ha mai preso parte) i ricordi di quei vissuti che, oltre a essere molto divertenti, rappresentano un periodo molto importante nella vita di uno studente: un momento di crescita personale e professionale… una vera svolta!Ti seguo 🙂


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